Welcome to Double H Farms! Double H Farms is located in Union Mills, IN. We are a horse barn and farm all in one. As of now we have four horses and two goats at our facility. We do lessons, training, and boarding. Alicia Howell is our owner, teacher, and trainer. Make you sure to read up on her on the Instructors and Trainers page. 


We have a lot of room for riding and other activities. We have a pond with a beautiful light house on our properity. We are also located off a main highway so we are easy to find! We are also far enough away from the highway to feel safe with small children running around and playing. 


How We Got Started and Where We are Going

We got started with a dream. Our owner, Alicia, had a dream to work with horses and bring the magic of horses to others. She wants to pass her knowledge on to others. It also started with a dream to help others. As we get more established, we would like to start therapy riding. Alicia plans on going to a special training to be able to do this in the future. We would like to help anyone and everyone reach their goals.


Here at Double H Farms we aren't here just to teach you about horses. We are here to support you, encourage you, and help you achieve your goals. We want everyone to exceed in every aspect of life. Training here will be more than a learning experience. It will be an experience of a life time.


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